Under the Artistic Direction of Brian Joyce (Director of The Hunter Writers Centre) and musical direction of Professor Richard Vella (Head of School of Drama Fine Art and Music, University of Newcastle) a Song Cycle has been commissioned for the former James Fletcher Hospital Site.

A cycle of songs will reflect the history of site’s usage and activity.

•    To document/interpret or be inspired by the rich history of the current James Fletcher Hospital site.
•    To step out of our regular creative processes and modes.
•    To create a multi voice/perspective of a site and its history.
•    To create a song cycle as a foundation for a larger site specific performance in the future.

A Proposed cycle and time scales/ideas
1    Overture.
2    Indigenous Settlement – feasting and caring for family, including death.
3    First convict outpost –Farm, growing produce and a vision for the future. The garrison
4    Mining of the area – Something buried here.
5    Welcome to Tea- Social scene , civile servants accommodation. Major George Barney’s lawn tea parties for the Catholic community in the 1840/50s.
6    Reformatory Girls established
7    Lunatic Asylum established
8    James Fletcher and his hospital- Our community.
9    Current Regional Psychiatric Hospital
10    Coda – reflecting themes from the songs, both musical and textual?

Bring participants together in July/August
Teams work August – early October.
Workshop performance in November at the Lock Up.


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