Sydney Herald, Mon 4th April 1836 p2

His Excellency the Governor proceeds in the early part of the week to Newcastle, to lay the first stone of the New Barracks to be erected on the hill, near the parsonage house. Captain Barney, Mr. Nicholson, and Mr. Town Surveyor Mathew, accompany His Excellency on this tour, for the purpose of surveying the break-water, and the public holdings at Newcastle, previous to extensive improvements in the township, which, it is said, will be commenced immediately.

Sydney Herald, Thurs 14th April 1836 p2:

The Government have at length determined upon improving the entrance to the flourishing port of Newcastle, by completing the breakwater, laying down buoys, and making it in other respects secure against accidents. If these things had been done when we first drew the attention of the authorities to the abominable state of that place (two or three years ago), many vessels would have been saved. However,   ” better late than never” in such matters. Mr. Nicholson, the Harbour-master, starts for Newcastle to-morrow, and the Governor, Captain Barney, and others, proceed on the same mission in the course of next week. A new military barracks, we hear, is also to be commenced immediately at Newcastle


Sydney Gazette   Tues 6 june 1837 p2:

The prisoners at Goat Island have prepared the foundation stone which is intended to be laid upon the site marked out for the new Military Barracks at Newcastle. It will be conveyed to Newcastle by the Governor Phillip.



Barnett, James.  Plan of the Hospital for the Insane (2 December 1880) The Government Printing Office of New South Wales.

Plan of Hospital for the Insane Newcastle 2 December 1880

Plan of Hospital for the Insane Newcastle 2 December 1880



Ralph Snowball. James Fletcher Hospital and Gardens, Watt Street Newcastle [n.d.] for larger images click here and here

Ralph Snowball. James Fletcher Hospital and Gardens, Watt Street Newcastle [n.d.]

James Fletcher Hospital and Gardens, Watt Street Newcastle

Ralph Snowball. James Fletcher Hospital and Gardens, Watt Street Newcastle [n.d.]

James Fletcher Hospital and Gardens, Watt Street Newcastle


Allan, J. (1850s). Chart of the Entrance and Harbour of Newcastle. State Records NSW.

Armstrong, J. (1830) Australian Agricultural Company Surveyor ‘Plan of The Town of Newcastle, New South Wales’, showing its present actual state, with part of the adjoining Country, and The Coal Works of The Australian Agricultural Company, from a Careful Survey in 1830 by Jno. Armstrong. Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, The National Library of New Zealand Map Coll 817.95gbbe/1830/Acc.3580

Docker, RN. (Surveyor) (1823) Newcastle map of town with allotment numbers and owners and more buildings shown. State Records NSW. SR Item-[SZ322]

Fernyhough. (1838) Newcastle town reserve compilation from GB, White’s survey by Fernyhough. State Records NSW. [SR Item 4421]

Charlton. (1848) Allotments on the Hunter River near Newcastle. State Records NSW. [SR Item 4392,4393,4394]

Dangar. (1823-26) Lots, Commissioner’s Residence, Surgeon’s house, Church, Parsonage, Gaol and Fort. State Records NSW. [SR ItemSZ319]

Dangar. (1823-26) Lots, Newcastle town, Hunter River- signed as approved by (Governor) Brisbane- Commandant’s Residence, Church, Parsonage, Surgeon’s house and store yards. State Records NSW. [SR ItemSZ392]

Dangar. (1823-24) Coal pits, Commissioner’s Residence, Church, Hospital shown. State Records NSW. [SR ItemSZ4385]

Darcy (1830) A Map of the Town of Newcastle on Hunter’s River.

Goulburn. (1823) A Map of the Town of Newcastle on Hunter’s River. State Records NSW.

Key to the view of Newcastle 1879. Victoria State Library.

Map of AA Coy. Mines show old Govt PITS.

Map – ‘Report of the Royal Commission on Earth subsidence at Newcastle 1908. Depicts Asylum Shafts, Market place shaft and Bowling Green shaft.

1822 (drawing 1935 shows shaft near Commandants House).

Meehan, (1818) Adapted from ‘Plan of Newcastle’ August 7 1818. Archives Office of NSW. NLD B11 253/1818/1

White, G, B. (1833) Township of Newcastle Sept 6 1833.


Bigge, J.T. (1822) Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the State of New South Wales. London.

Bingle, J. (1873) Past and Present Records of Newcastle. Bayley & Son & Harwood. Pilot Office. Newcastle.

Bonwick Transcripts (box 12 pp.343-4).

Busby, J. (1824) Report of John Busby on the pier and coal mines at Newcastle and the iron in the district. Estimate of expense of finishing the Pier at Newcastle & of continuing it 75 yards. (Reel 6067; 4/1810, pp. 26-31) 5 May 1824 [Transcription]

Cunningham, P. (1828)  Two years in NSW; A series of letters comprising sketches of actual state of society in that colony, of its peculiar advantages to emigrants; of its topography, natural history. Henry Colburn, New Burlington Street. London.
Historical Records of Australia (HRA) i, IX, pp. 697-8 Lachlan Macquarie Governor of New South Wales, Journals of His Tours in New South Wales and Van Dieman’s Land 1810-1822. (1979)  Library Council of NSW, Sydney.

Letter titled Mental Hospital, To the Mayor of Newcastle from the ‘Rotary Club of Newcastle in 1937.

Slater, J. (1819) In a Letter from John Slater. (Letters to his wife 5th Dec. 1818). Printed by Sutton & Son. Bridlesmith Gate. London.John Slater’s Letter (906 KB PDF)

Sydney Gazette (5th April 1805) Accounts given by John Platt, a coal miner of the coal mines of Newcastle. Sydney. [Original and Transcription ]

The New South Wales calendar and General Post Office directory, 1835 Sydney: Printed and published by Stephens & Stokes …, [1835] 919.44 NEWS 1835

The New South Wales calendar and general post office directory, 1832. Compiled by James Raymond. Sydney, Public Library of New South Wales, 1966. Location: Auchmuty – Book 919.44 NEWS 1832 and Open Stack – RED 994.4/N1 and AUCH – RB/REF 919.44 NEWS 1832 c.2. Please see excerpt for description of Great North Road, Branch of the Great North Road leading through Wollombi, through Maitland to the Williams River, Port Stephens, the Manning and Port Macquarie, Road from Wollarobba to Upper William and Chichester Rivers, Road from Newcastle through Maitland to Great North Road at Patrick’s Plains and Road from Brisbane Water to Maitland. pp.124 – 154 Click here for PDF version (840KB)



Hardy, Ann. ‘Government House’ site from an analysis of historical maps and artworks from 1804 to 1885. (6.24MB PDF). A dissertation presented as part of the requirements for the award of the degree of Graduate Diploma in Applied Heritage Studies, within the Faculty of the Built Environment, Art & Design. Curtin University of Technology, 2006.


New South Wales State Register Nomination – Newcastle Government House and Domain – Prepared by Ann Hardy Secretary, Hunter Regional Committee National Trust – SHR nomination – Government House and Domain (2.4MB PDF)



Historic Buildings tell the story of our city

Take the high ground by Greg Ray

Take the high ground by Greg Ray


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